Sunday, October 12, 2008

Water: Some additional thoughts

Here's some additional ideas:

A bone simple roof washer, so you don't have to drink water with dead bugs in it like you do now. (Did I tell you what I remove when I fill the tank down at the fire station?)


This is an underground tank that costs $1400 dollars.It holds 1700 gallons. Various others are available.

Got to go. I'm being hollered at about fenceposts from the garden, and have to go see what I can do to help.


John Michael Keba said...

Just in case you are unaware of these:

kevin roberts said...

I'm going to order the book, John. I've see it somewhere but it faded from my forebrain.

I'm intrigued by the ferrocement solutions. I remember the old Whole Earth Catalogs that used to recommend using ferrocement to save the world. Building domes, and boats, and such-like.

Our warehouse roof generates a nominal 61,000 gallons with a 36-inch precip.

Shawna said...

The fact that things fade from our forebrain is the reason we decided to do this blog, remember? We needed to start gathering up all the pieces into one place.

An added bonus that I hadn't thought of at the time, is we can get help from other people prodding our forebrains into gear......

Thank you, John Michael.

John Michael Keba said...

Good, Kevin. Between the specific knowledge in the design book and my Audel's Masons and Builders Library, it is probably safe to say that you will have access to all the information you will need to enclose a large hole in the ground :-)