Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rough outline of Garden

Devra wanted to know what my plans for the kitchen garden are. So I drew up a rough sketch for her. Kevin, you will recognize the basic design from the garden I had on the canal bank in Los Banos. Only the paths won't be grass.... just mulch over plastic. I am claiming the roll of black plastic in the basement.

This is obviously not to scale. Ummm.... Way Not to Scale. There will be arches on all four sides, like the one we have right now near the house. The Egyptian onions and the garlic are already in, and bedded down for the winter. If anyone touches them, I will have their hide. Probably the potatoes will go in next to the garlic.... and of course all the climbing stuff like the peas and runner beans will go along the arches. And everything else will go in somewhere....
Your hoop house(s) will be to the East of the garden.

And, no, I didn't use the Google SketchUp, even though I know that's everyone's favorite package right now. Just call me a late adopter.

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