Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We need to cross-fence the place eventually, if you want to raise replacement heifers or otherwise put livestock over on the east side.

The acre over by the barn will need better water than that old WPA tank, if you want to keep the horse in there. I can run a line under the road through the culvert or make arrangements with the township to cut up the road.

Or forget the horses and just do kangaroo rats that never drink.

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Shawna said...

Yes, I want the east side fenced. Probably first the creek bottom fencing needs to be repaired. But then I think defintely some additional fencing. I don't know about replacement heifers, but I think that fenced pasture is probably more versatile than unfenced hayfield.
Well, First, the acre across the road. Then, the creek bottom. Then maybe a small pasture to the north of the house?

I don't know what exactly to do about water. Maybe the spring house just needs cleaning out. Maybe that old trough will be adequate, with some maintenance. I think before we do anything, we should see what a little elbow grease will do with the spring.

We could dig a well over there, and put up a windmill to pump it, if you want. Or a cistern to fill from the barn roof. Or I suppose we could run a line from the existing well. But let's look more closely at the spring first.